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Summer On Fire Peter Werbe AUTHOR 2022

Summer On Fire Peter Werbe AUTHOR 2022

Summer on Fire: A Detroit Novel Peter Werbe Summer on Fire a regional best seller now in its third printing! First published March 2021 Plot Summary: The temperature is scorching in Detroit during the summer of 1967 and so is everything happening in this fictionalized memoir by a staff member of the Fifth Estate, the long-running, Detroit-based alternative magazine. Werbe’s characters are thrust into tumultuous episodes of the 1967 Detroit Rebellion, anti-war demonstrations, fighting fascists, rock and roll, drugs, anarchism, the White Panther Party, Wilhelm Reich, and a bomb plot that provide “a people’s history and radical folklore of Detroit.” The setting is seven weeks in a critical year that demands ethical choices by all involved, ones which mirror today’s crises. Summer on Fire is Peter Werbe’s first novel after writing and broadcasting during a long career in communications. His on-air work included hosting WRIF’S “Nightcall,” the longest-running talk show in radio history, as well as a DJ on Detroit rock stations, WCSX, WWWW, and WABX. He lives in the Detroit area. Media coverage: Praise for Summer on Fire A refreshing read about Detroit in the 1960s. The story is good and the telling is superb. John Sinclair, author, poet, MC5 manager Summer on Fire is brilliant, flawlessly capturing the drama, pathos, hopes, dreams and actions of many of us Detroiters who lived through those fierce and stormy times. Reading Summer on Fire was like past life therapy. I absolutely loved this book. Wayne Kramer, Author, The Hard Stuff, MC5 lead guitarS

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