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Lost In Sound Detroit

Mass Resist T-Shirt | Gary Grimshaw Art

Mass Resist T-Shirt | Gary Grimshaw Art


America Unite with mass resistance to the bad decisions some of our elected leaders are making for us and the world. While resisting and standing up for what your feelings are,do it with brotherly respect for the opposing side. We must remember that we all are here together and our very existence depends on the decisions our elected officials make for all of us.

Originally this T-Shirt  was supposed to be a cannabis shirt for the Ann Arbor Hash Bash. When I gave my idea to my "Counsel" (Leni & Laura & others), they both informed me of the "burning flag" image legend. It was then decided that out of respect to Gary Grimshaw and our great country that the text added to the image would be a great message to our people:


This art ( without the text), is taken from a Gary Grimshaw poster, and the following is taken from page 57 in the "Detroit Rocks" Gary Grimshaw/Leni Sinclair book from 2012.

Thank-You to Laura Grimshaw who was instrumental in the design of this great T-Shirt that fits the times we are living in within the USA !

Gary Grimshaw explains why his design was not used as the cover for the MC5 first record,as was originally planned. "The MC5 played in Boston, and I was living in Boston at the time, so I rode with them to New York and stayed at the Chelsea Hotel. The next morning I went to the Elektra office to bring them the design for the cover, and they showed me the cover that they had already designed. Jac Holzman told me they had a corporate policy of designing all their covers in-house. They couldn't have used it anyway, because it had a marijuana leaves and a burning American flag. I did the cover based on a request by the band. They wanted the "ultimate cover."

"The cover stayed in New York for a while, then it was returned to the MC5, who then returned it to me. I got it back about six months later. I sat on it for a couple of years. Then the hostage situation happened in Iran, and the news was full of images of Iranians burning the flag. So I just decided that the burning flag in the MC5 art was out of place, so I painted it out.  First the flames, with red,white paint, leaving the flag. It was printed on the Elektra re-issue (on CD in 19991), on the inside, so if you flip it over, it ended up being the cover of an MC5 release after all."

Thank-You to Laura Grimshaw who was instrumental in the design of this great T-Shirt that fits the times we are living in within the USA !

  • 6.0 oz., pre-shrunk 100% Ultra Cotton
  • Double-needle stitched neckline,bottom hem and sleeves
  • Quarter-turned
  • Taped neck and shoulders
  • Seamless seven-eights inch collar
  • Lost In Sound Detroit printed inner logo and size (inside collar)
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