Guitar Army by John Sinclair (1972) Paperback Second Edition, Signed Copy

$ 35.00

"Guitar Army is a product of it's time. To Some, that would imply that this book is "dated".

That's true, and that's what makes it so facinating.  Few people still rememeber how organized certain factions of the counter-culture were (at least in theory).  The writings of John Sinclair are not those of a naive stoner who's pre-occupied with sex, drugs and Rock'n' Roll, but of a well informed and carefully thought out intellectual who is preoccupied with the above.  If every hippie/radical was as committeed as Sinclair was, The Revolution might just have succeded.    

This is the second edition (first was hardcover) of this rare and out of print book. Autographed by John Sinclair!