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  • Chicken Man & Gary great Wayne Kramer MC5Dennis Thompson MC5George Clinton & Jett Plastic RecordingsDetroit Wheels/Alice Cooper/Edgar WinterJohn Sinclair,Tino Gross,Jett Plasticlast poetsButtons and magnets are handmade in our studioJett Plastic & PattiNorm,Gary & Jett Plastic Recordings in Mt.Clements Frut gigHash Bash Ann Arbor 2017Rosie The Riveter Detroit Strong T-ShirtRosie the riveter Detroit strong T-Shirtsilk screen in house jon Sinclair and Jett Plastic & Kevin MorrisDave Supermouth The Sheik"s managerhappy customer and friend ErnastKICK OUT THE JAMStommy chong green with our cannabis shirtCarl Lundgren,Gary Koral ,Jarrett Koral, Gary GrimshawMaxine Powell & Gary KoralJett Plastic and Pete backstage the who final tour in detroitRichard in Greecefunk! detroit styleGrande ballroom in Hawaii

eastern market shoppersCarl and the Grande Ballroom shirtPanama Red (Fruit) Me & JarrettMaxine Powell (Motown) Gary,Martha Reeves inside the icon Detroit record shop Melodies & MemoriesDahveed Nelson founding member of the Last PoetsOakland Mall Holiday StoreLabor Day WeekendJarrett & Pete Joe Louis Detroit After Show

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